This week will be easy:  do not leave with what you brought.  For some of us, this is the no-brainer etiquette tip…for others not so much.  After venturing to another 30-something b-day party, I made my way around the party just enough to engage in some good ‘ole Etiquette Tuesday talk.  This one particular guest was charming, funny and offered the serenity needed in this 30 and older house party.  This guest, however, thought it would be a good idea to snag that bottle of Jack Daniel’s that they brought to the party as they headed out the door.  Now we laughed and joked at this concept but seriously…this is bad etiquette.

When you go to a party/soiree/kickback/etc. and you bring a bottle/dish/etc., it should not leave with you.  It is at the very least a kind way of saying “Thank You” to the host for opening their home to you and your guests for the event.  If you feel what you brought is worth more than what you got from the party, then consider a cheaper bottle of wine or liquour for the next swaray but for tonight, leave the bottle at the host/hostess house.  When you snag the bottle on the way out the door, there are a few terms that come to mind:  cheap, tacky and hmm, inconsiderate.  I have a friend or two with this terrible habit and they have been coined the “cheapo’s”, which is not a name you want attached to the tact resume.  It’s ok to be cheap, but do this on your own time and maybe stay home when you feel you need to carry the bottle back home with you…

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