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Carry on!  More Cargo, that is!  This week, we have 2 perfectly stylee pairs of gray cargo pants for you.  These pants were found at the South Dakota Avenue branch of Goodwill in NE DC.  With Fall just around the corner (although it’s hard to imagine when it’s 92 degrees today), the basic, solid cargo pant can help your cute sparkly tank tops go from Summer to Fall.  They replace the shorts you have been wearing with something full length.  Add a cardigan, and you’re outtie.

The first pair is by Urban Outfitters, Size 4.  They have a drawstring waist and also a button closure, and they have ruching at the ankles.  I love this particular detail.  You can ruch it tight or ruch it loose for 2 different looks, and you can adjust them to your shoe’s heel height, too.  Ingenious!


The second pair is by Old Navy, Size 4 as well.  (Larger size 4.)  They are slightly darker gray than the first pair, and they are more traditional in terms of styling.  Cargo pockets where you would expect them, low-rise cut, and boot cut legs.  The fabric is very soft and has some stretch.  Voila:


Get a pair of these season-stretchers while it’s still 9000 degrees out.  It’s DC:  You know it will be 40 degrees in no time.  Be prepared.

Any purchase made at a Goodwill Retail Store or on  funds Goodwill’s mission of training and employment programs for people with disadvantages or disabilities. Copyright Goodwill of Greater Washington.

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