One of the biggest problems I always have when going to a new city is picking which places to go to. After choosing which hotel to stay in, how I will get there, and where I’m going to eat I’m already worn out. And with Washington, DC it’s no different. That’s why I’m going to make it easy for you by listing the best places to go to and why to go to them according to your general interests. Of course you may be a mix of all of them, but just to give you a general idea I’ve listed the top 10 places to go for each type of person.

Choose based on which statement represents you the best (yes, you can come back and check out the other ones)

1. I want to see the Historical aspects of Washington, DC and our nation.

2. I want to see SOME of the major monuments, but what I’m really interested in is shopping!

3. Old buildings bore me. Take me to the best restaurants!

4. I want to see the city at night…let’s party!

5. Don’t categorize me! I want to see EVERYTHING.

6. We want to see all the great stuff, but we either have very young children or elderly with us.

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