Narrow, steep steps used in William Blatty’s film “The Exorcist“. The movie is based on actual events that happened to a family in Mt. Ranier, Maryland. 97 stone steps that were known as “The Hitchcock” steps before 1973. A stunt double actually dove down the steps twice (of course they were lined with foam padding). Even though this was simply a movie, people are still haunted and intrigued by this part of Washington, DC. In reality it is a small area tucked away in Georgetown, but people will still take the extra walk after shopping on M Street to see this cinema wonder.  Unfortunately these days the steps sit next to a gas station and a busy highway. When I first saw them the “horrorish” aspect was diminished a bit and replaced by reality. That said, I would recommend everyone who is capable to climb the steep steps and see exactly how steep they are. An interesting note is that if you go there early enough in the morning you can see people running up and down the steps for “exercise“. I would warn against this, as one misplaced step and you too will go flying down the steps…and it won’t be a pretty site.

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