With Captain Dale on the D.C Ducks, the joy ride to the 1942 transport vehicles became fun-filled in every way. With a great sense of comical timing and humouristic appeal, Dale takes you through a galactic journey of historic monuments, the Mall, the Capitol and museums of the Smithsonian before splashing into the Potomac and under the flight path at Reagan National Airport. All this and more in one single joy ride. Yahoo with D.C. Ducks today!

While fun is at its best in D.C. Ducks for all ages, it also provides delightful insights to the world of information and knowledge. Come out of the internet blues and witness the true glory of the past. The tour is highly recommendable for all age groups as it is not expensive and is a complete fun for all. The kids might be tuckered out at the end of a day of walking around the Mall but that does not stop the joy they will gain. While the tour last 90 minutes, you can always have the day around to visit other places in the area by foot. All in all, D.C. Ducks is a journey full of surprises and blasts. Go for it!

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