436 11th Street, N.W.
(corner of 11th & E Streets, N.W.)
Washington, DC
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Known for its historic monuments and attractions, Washington D.C offers the same even when it comes to its accommodations. It is home to one of the longest operating hotels in the state. Hotel Harrington is its name and has been continuously running since 1914. Harry’s is their famed pub; a nice hangout for drinks after a day of exploring the town. For hearty meals daily, they also have Harriett’s family restaurant and Ollie’s Trolley, well known for their “olliefries” and delicious milkshakes. All these are easily accessible on the hotel’s lobby level. Not many others offer so many options on-location, setting it apart from other hotels in D.C.

The fascinating FBI Headquarters are merely a block away. Also in walking distance are the Lincoln Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial, The White House and most importantly the Washington Monument. These sites not enough? The Metro Subway line is in close proximity allowing for travel to the Library of Congress, The Pentagon, Ford’s Theatre… the can never be a dull moment with all these things to see. And when ready to unwind after a long day of sightseeing, do so in the lush comfort of one of their cozy rooms with a movie on HBO for free.

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