Walk straight into the River Inn at Washington D.C. when you step into the city because there is no other place that you want to go and stay. Make your stay at the River Inn and you will never regret it. It will probably be the best decision you have ever made because of its varied characteristics and grandeur. The River Inn is just the place to be if you are looking for staying at a prime locality in the city. This hotel has got every possible shop, restaurant and office buildings near it, so that the customers will not be deviated from what they have to do. Each of the rooms offer a splendid view which is so magnificent and also offers plush bedding and flat-screen TVs. One interesting aspect of the River Inn is that it boasts of the Italian-inspired furniture that it uses for its rooms and suites. Moreover, restaurants, shopping malls, multiplex theatres and a lot more are at a mere walking distance from the hotel. Many recreation places are also in and around the hotel to keep you entertained. Make sure you make the best of your stay at the River Inn.


924 25Th Street Northwest,

Washington D.C.

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