The Sofitel Lafayette Square is highly recommended to the visitors of Washington D.C. Located at the corner of Lafayette Square, the historic hotel offers almost everything to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. Recalling an incident, one night I was just curious to see if I could borrow a RCA cable for my room TV. The concierge expressed that he would check and see if there was one available, but no luck. I did not think much about it, and went back to my room only to hear a knock 2 minutes later with a maintenance man toting a RCA cable, explaining that it was the only one he could find. He told me to enjoy my stay at the hotel. Now that’s called service.

The Sofitel Lafayette Square boasts of a palette of services ranging from suave piano-bar and lobby lounge, business centers, 6 conference rooms adding value to the spacious 220 rooms and 17 suites. The hotel is a destination hub for French tourists, the French cuisine pointed that out clearly.

The hotel offers a clean, quiet, friendly and modern outlook for your comfortable stay in Washington D.C. However, great service comes at a great price but its worth every bit of it.


806 15Th Street Nw,

Washington D.C.,

District of Columbia

United States

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