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We all have different budgets when it comes to traveling, but even when we pay a lot we want to get the most for our money.  I have stayed in Five Star Hotels and $5/day hostels around the world and every time I went I always checked out reviews first.

On the following pages I will recommend to you some places to stay, but I urge you not only to take my word for it.  Read the reviews by others and make sure that the positives that they listed are the positives that you’re looking for in a place to stay on your vacation.  For example, a businessman will be looking for something completely different from a family of four.

Another thing that I can tell you is DON’T TRUST the big guidebooks like Lonely Planet and Frommer’s when it comes to hotels.  For these establishments, getting a listing in one of these guidebooks is like winning the lottery when it comes to reservations.  Most tourists are too lazy or trusting to even bother researching on the Internet so they just pick out a hotel in the book, make a reservation, and go.  The problem is that after getting listed the hotel doesn’t have to try as hard anymore to get bookings.  They can just sit back and enjoy the endless reservations.  When this happens, the hotel owners can get lazy and simply focus on profits, thus neglecting the quality.  Of course they don’t ALL do this, but I have seen it happen many times.  So what’s the point?

The point is, use the guidebooks as a jumping-off point in your hotel research, but go the extra mile and read a few reviews before booking.  You’ll thank yourself later when there are no bedbug bites on your bum (that rhymes).

What kind of a place to stay are you looking for?

1. I want a hotel or place to stay near the tourist attractions (I don’t want to walk far, take taxis, or other public transportation).

2. I want a to be semi-close to the tourist attractions, but I’m willing to take public transportation or a short taxi ride.

3. I will be in the city for business and I prefer to stay close to the airport or near the conference center.

4. I don’t care where I stay…just give me a room and a shower!

5. I will only live once…give me a luxury suite hotel!

6. I’m traveling with young kids or the elderly.  Please show me a family-focused hotel.

7. I would like something small and romantic like a Bed and Breakfast.

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